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Data Cabling

Data cabling allows your home or business to work smarter and allow for future technology.
Structured cable systems include the following:
All of the above is brought back to a central location in the home or business to allow the appropriate hubs to be installed. At this location telecommunications can be installed either as analog or digital. Allowance can also be made for the internet, whether it is a low or high speed connection. An ethernet hub can be installed to allow communication between PC based products and/or a server.
AV communication will allow your audio visual systems to talk to each other and will give you far greater control from anywhere in the house that you require audio and/or video to be present. This will also allow communications between your AV and your computer system.
TV distribution will allow you to view any television format that is broadcast via RF and/or a satellite signal such as SKY Television and perhaps a door camera. This allows you to view any of this from wherever you have a TV.
Audio distribution will allow you to have music throughout the home or business, and can also incorporate such things as home theatre. Audio can be controlled from wherever you decide to have music, such as outdoor areas, bedrooms, lounge, dining kitchen, offices and conference rooms.
The cost of having a structured cable network varies depending on the size of the home or business, and on any services you may want to add in the future.
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