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Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

Today's alarm panels offer simplistic design with exceptional features for monitoring, multi-area control, door access control and automation systems.
Concept and Tecom systems are a popular choice for large commercial / industrial premises wanting complete site management, as well as offices and also large homes with integrated lighting and other systems.The technology includes Door Interlocking, Lighting Control, On Site Data Recording, Access Control, Multiple Partitioning, Facilities / Building Services Manager (Heating, Air Conditioning, Sprinklers, Gates etc) and many other useful features to compliment your security.
These versatile panels have a reputation for flexibility and can be expanded upon almost infinitely to grow with your changing requirements.
Panels have separate programmable alarm, door and floor groups making it an ideal choice for sites wanting to control and monitor access in multiple areas and/or levels. They can also be integrated with lifts and cameras to make building management simple and controllable from one location. 

Residential Security Systems

No matter what you want for your home, we can offer a solution to meet your requirements.
Home alarms can range from a simple intruder detection system to a fully featured integrated home management system.
Options include : Standard PIR (Passive InfraRed) Detectors, Pet Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Glass break Detectors, Remote Controls, Wireless Detectors, Duress Alarms, 360° PIR Detectors, Door Reed Switches, Garage Door Control, Lighting Control, Timers, Internal and External Sirens, LCD Keypads and much more.
Talk to us first if you're building a home and would like advice on security. We can then pre-wire your home, protecting your new home from needing a complicated installation.