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Security Monitoring

What is Alarm Monitoring?
Your security system generates a signal (or event) for every alert or fault generated by the panel. These signals are communicated through the telephone line back to a receiver where they are translated through alarm monitoring software and displayed for an operator to action as required.
Having your security system monitored enables us to be advised of and respond to all alerts from your system, including burglary, smoke/fire, duress, medical and tamper alarms, system faults including low battery or power, communication loss, and also monitor time schedules and test failures.
In most cases we can simply programme your alarm to report to our centre, or reprogramme the existing data if you would like to change monitoring companies. If you don't have an alarm, or think that you may need to upgrade your existing panel to fulfill your requirements.
What We Can Offer
Total Flexibility
Your response instructions can be customised to meet your individual requirements. Your callout list can include a call to the site, yourself, key holders and/or dispatching a guard patrol. You can then use any combination of these for different event types.
For example, you may wish to dispatch the guard immediately for a burglary activation, but have the operator call a list of key holders for a Fail to Set or Unset out of Hours.